[amsat-bb] Re: Gain VS Bandwidth at 2.4GHZ

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sat May 16 12:21:32 PDT 2009

At 10:33 AM 5/16/2009, Greg D. wrote:
>Pretty much every Wi-Fi antenna I've ever seen is linearly 
>polarized.  The "diversity" antennas are two separate antennas, 
>usually one vertical and one horizontal, with separate cables going 
>to two radios.  Going circular would seem to be a no-brain 
>improvement for the Wi-Fi crowd, but I think I've only seen one vendor do it.
>Enjoy the new toy,
>Greg  KO6TH

I have toyed with using a comercial medium gain patch array for 2.4 
GHz Leos.  I would guess that there is no incentive to use circular 
pol for terrestrial data links.  Even reflections and multi-path 
signals would remain linear.  Space com is a totally different deal 
and circular makes sense if there is room for the CP antenna on the sat.

I still have my 85cm offset dish fed with short helix for AO-40 2.4 
GHz, but I expect the narrow beamwidth would be lots of trouble for 
manual tracking 2.4 Leos.  That is why I thought to use a 10-dB 
commercial antenna (also cheap and easy).  Is CP a better 
idea?  ...and would one need to reverse the sense on 2.4 GHz very often?

73, Ed - KL7UW 

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