[amsat-bb] Re: Satpc32 with 2 Transceivers

Bill Dzurilla billdz.geo at yahoo.com
Fri May 15 13:22:23 PDT 2009


With Erich's kind help, I was able to get SatPC32 working last week with 2 transceivers.

I had a similar problem with the SSB sats at first.  I could not hear my downlink while the program was controlling the frequencies on the 2 rigs.  It turned out that the issue was that the default settings for some of the birds was off (either because my rigs are off calibration or because the frequency on the sat's transponder drifted since Erich wrote Doppler.SQF).

The fix is not difficult.  With the program controlling the rigs, and with the satellite near to its maximum elevation on a pass, tune to a clear downlink frequency and click CAT on the program.  Then start transmitting (say testing, testing, count to 10, anything) while clicking on the up and down arrows under "Upl. Calibr. (Hz)".  When you hear your voice on the downlink in a natural sounding tone, click "Change/Store Data File" and then click save, which automatically changes the Doppler.SQF file.  Once set correctly for each bird, your uplink and downlink will track perfectly.

I couldn't get it right at first because I kept clicking on the 10 hz arrows.  This was insufficient, as some of the sats were over 500 hz off.  But it was easy after I started clicking the 100 hz arrows.  

You can also manually review and edit the Doppler.SQF file by clicking ? and then Auxiliary Files, but this should not be necessary.

73, Bill NZ5N   

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Good morning everyone
Trying to run Satpc32 with a FT897d and FT817nd
The ft897nd is on the uhf antenna and the ft817nd is on the vhf antenna
it all seems to work on the FM sats but having some problems with ssb sats AO7,VO52,FO29
The trouble I am having is on the calibration of the freq. and doppler adjument
has anyone run into this
hopefully someone has a few pointers and tricks
Thanks to all who reply


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