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Thu May 14 02:04:09 PDT 2009

You have to admire Bob. No matter what you are doing, from the mundane 
to exotic, he has found a way for aprs to be an integral part. Maybe he 
should have been a salesman instead of a teacher...

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> On Wed, 13 May 2009 16:43:56 -0400, "Robert Bruninga"
> <bruninga at usna.edu> said:
>> This year you can use your DTMF HT to report where you are
>> hanging out at the Hamvention to about 120 feet just by sending
>> two digits for your XY coordinate.
> LOL...
> If I were going to be there, I'm going to say via that same HT...
> "I'm standing in front of the Brautwurst stand."
> Faster than looking myself up on an arbitrary map, punching digits,
> hoping my friend has the map...
> Cool idea, but not sure what problem it's a solution for?  I guess if 
> I
> broke my mic?
> Plus, 120' often isn't high enough "resolution". I've stood one stall
> away from someone in the flea market looking for them before.  :-)
> Oh well, don't mean to be nitpicky -- have fun at Dayton, all.  Even
> this would be "fun" I guess... I don't know... that's stretching it a
> bit.
> FUN... is finding the repeater or other project parts you need... and
> knowing you have a way to get them home! (GRIN)
> Nate WY0X
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