[amsat-bb] Re: About Shuttle Launch on Monday

James French w8iss at wideopenwest.com
Tue May 12 20:40:34 PDT 2009

The first launch I got to see was from roughly 150 miles away in
Labelle, Florida, which is thirty miles east of Fort Myers. Was in my
senior year of high school and was watching on the TV and the teacher
said to go out and take a look. Some did and that was a sight to see
the cloud of gases escaping and growing as it arced across the sky.

My most memorable launch was a night launch when I was living in the
Largo/Seminole area. Had a great site at Alt 19 (Seminole Blvd.) and
Ulmerton Rd. next to the sheriff dept. Cloudless night. Looking over the
mall that had just been built. Waiting and then seeing this miniature
Sun start to come up, then the flames from the shuttle popped into view.
At my distance, the flicker of the flame looked like someone had turned
a disposable lighter upside down and moving it up.

Tonight the local NBC affiliate had a report on how to view the ISS as
it passes over head.

James W8ISS

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