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Nitin Muttin [VU3TYG] vu3tyg at amsatindia.org
Tue May 12 02:23:19 PDT 2009


AMSAT-INDIA workshop was conducted on 10th May at the Little Lillys English
Public school ,Vidhyaranyapura, Bangalore on the ocassion of fours years of
HAMSAT (VO-52) in orbit which was launched on May 5th 2005. The workshop was
attended by 130 delegates. This included students from academic institutions
and members of Upagrah Amateur Radio Club,VU2URC which is the club station
of ISRO.

The event started with registration,distribution of delegate kit and
breakfast followed by the Invocation song by staff of Little Lilly's
school,welcome address by the President of AMSAT INDIA, Air Cmde Suby, VU2UV
The following dignitary's were invited to the Dias and the programme was
inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by the following:

Chief Guest Shri. M. Krishnaswamy, Programme Director-Small Satellite
Systems, ISRO
Guests of Honor Shri. D.V.A.Raghavamurthy , Project Director-Small Satellite
Systems, ISRO
Shri. R. Suresh, Mission Director-HAMSAT, ISRO
Shri.C.A Prabhakar Head IRS Project management Office
Shri. S.R.Nagaraj, Dy. Project DirectorCartosat- 2. ISRO

The Chief Guest and the guests of honor appreciated the efforts of AMSAT
INDIA in realizing their goals with the HAMSAT launched by ISRO on May 5th
2005.They were highly impressed with the U/V Linear transponder designed and
built by a member of AMSAT-INDIA and also made valuable recommendations for
the realization of HAMSAT-II.

VO-52 operating award certificates were also released by the Chief Guest.

VU2GUR, Guru was presented the first certificate for his outstanding
contribution for the activity on HAMSAT (VO-52). Certificates were given to
VU2RM, VU2UV and VU2MKP by the Guest of Honor for their contributions for
the activity in VU. Net controllers VU2QNY, VU2ZUB, VU2PCP and VU3OJI in
Bangalore for announcements regarding the workshop.

The exhibition area was inaugurated by the Chief Guest and comprised of
poster session by VU3TYG, Nitin showcasing projects from AMSAT organizations
worldwide, ARISS and software applications and hardware developed by Radio
Hams for satellite tracking and pass predictions. VU2POP demonstrated Home
brew projects of up/down converters, preamps, VU2RVJ power amplifier module.

VURMS and students from VU3LLE showcased Egg beater, Arrow and quad antennas
for satellite communications. Ganeshan the designer of the UV linear
transponder also demonstrated a working U/V transponder.

The Chief Guest, Guest of honor and the delegates were impressed with the
OSCAR Locator, down converters, and receivers built by VU2UV during 1970's.

Technical presentations from Amal, VU2GDX, VU2WMY, Mani, VU2RVJ, Ravi,VU2GUR
and VU2RMS caught the rapt attention of the audience and were highly
appreciated. Exide batteries also participated and showcased various
batteries which can be used by Radio Hams for powering their Radio's.

VU2POP, POP and VU2WMY, Mani managed the flow of the programme from start to
the end.

The programme was concluded by vote of thanks was by VU3TYG, Nitin who
acknowledged the contributions of all those who helped in making this event
a big success.


The following were elected as office bearers of AMSAT INDIA for 2009 - 2011

President: Suby, VU2UV.
Vice President: R. Ramesh VU2RMS
Secretary: Nitin, VU3TYG
Treasurer: VU3SXE, Sandeep
Director- Technical: VU2POP

Core Committee: VU2WMY, Mani, VU3HCJ, Somu, VU2GDX, Amal, VU2RVJ, Ravi.
VU2MGD, Giri, SWL Ganeshan.

Note: Pictures and more details will be provided in the May 2009 newsletter
and on our website.

Nitin [VU3TYG]
Secretary - AMSAT INDIA


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