[amsat-bb] Re: Hygain Sat Antenna's and SSB UEK3000 Sat.

Sat May 9 11:14:28 PDT 2009


>From a loss standpoint, almost anything will be fine over the 10' length you
mentioned.  The real issue is the quality of shielding, and the placement of
the leads.  You will be operating in the near field of the antennas, and you
want to minimize RX pickup from the TX antennas before you get to the
preamps.  RG-213 is a single shield coax, while RG-214, Bury-Flex, and
RG-9913F have double shielding.  While the double shielding is better,
especially if the cables run close and parallel to each other, many people
do fine with RG-213.  Note that the generic versions may have significantly
poorer shielding.  

The UEK-3000 has 30db gain, and an 80' run with the 2 meter IF output should
not be a problem.  Back in Ye Olde AO-40 Days, I had a 70' run of RG-8 down
to the shack.  It was there, I was in a hurry, and it worked.  (If you have
one with the 70 cm IF, the answer is less certain.)  Be aware that RG-6 is
75 ohm rather than 50 ohm cable, the big brother of RG-59, so the SWR on the
line will be a bit higher.  However, that should not be a problem.

Glad to hear someone else is keeping the faith on HEO.



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