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> 4) Because I do not have the "proper" Icom CI-V unit, I can only control
> one radio at a time with SatPC32 so when AO-51 is in Mode S, I use the
> 910 for the receive side allowing SatPC 32 to calculate the doppler. For
> transmitting, say on 2m (When in Mode V/S) I use my Icom 706MKIIG and
> just leave the transmit frequency alone - works like a charm. When AO-51
> is in Mode L/S then SatPC32 can do everything I need through the 910.
> The 706 is only used when Mode S is on as it ties up the 2m band.

Even tho you don't have a "proper" CI-V interface, you should still be able 
to control multiple radios.  The Icom unit simply has 3 1/8" phone jacks in 
parallel, with each radio having a unique address on the serial buss.  You 
could probably just plug a dual headphone splitter into your clone and 
connect up a 2nd radio just fine.  My clone from FAR Circuits drives 
multiple radios okay...


George, KA3HSW

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