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Hi Mike,

Glad to learn of your developing satellite station!  You are doing it "right"...

One very important item missing from your list:  low noise mast
mounted preamps!  I really love my Advanced Receiver Research 160W
mast mounted preamps for 2M and 70cm.

I'll take a shot at some of your questions, responses below:

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Okay, I am starting to build my station after playing around with the
portable. So far I have acquired an IC-910 with 1.2G, power supply, G-5500
AZ/EL rotor, M2 2MCP14 and 436CP30 antennas. To finish I have the following

1. What radio, rotor and tracking software are you using and why? (I am
using Orbitron right now)

     SatPC32. It does it all, and does it remarkably well.  There is a
cost to license, but ALL of the money goes to AMSAT-NA (if you puchase
there--THANKS Erich DK1TB!)

2. What interface are you using for an IC-910H and why?

     Not applicable, have a TS-2000X.

3. What interface are you using for your G-5500 rotor and why?

    The AMSAT LVB Tracker, because of cost, packaging, ease of use,
proceeds go to AMSAT-NA (Thanks Howard G6LVB, Mike WB8CXO, and Gould

4. What are you using for the radio side for 2.4G?

    Either the TS-2000X or the TS-790A, with a self modified
Transystem downconverter to 2M

5. What antenna are you using for 1.2G?

     20-turn WIMO helix

6. What antenna are you using for 2.4G?

    A 32" DH satellite dish with G3RUH patch feed, DEM preamp

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

I hope the information is helpful---and don't forget the preamps :)

Mark L. Hammond [N8MH]

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