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Pedro Converso lu7abf at amsat.org.ar
Tue May 5 08:11:58 PDT 2009

Hello John !

Thanks much for your comment on Pass Predictor, pleased to know that it
works on Motorola Q for Florida, USA. 

For us is doing good as there is quite South America satellite activity for
portable stations on field, hamfests, weekends, etc. They use fancy arm
antennas as IOIO, Arrows or quads and handies. Logs can be seen at
http://www.amsat.org.ar?f=z .

Stars are AO-51, VO-52, ISS, SO-50, AO-7, FO-29 and NOAAs. Hams without an
internet cellphone carry a hardcopy printout from

Hope good luck with birds for you and family.

Best 73 from Argentina

Pedro Converso
Lu7abf at amsat.org.ar

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I have tried the Pass Predictor on my Motorola Q and it works great!! 
Very nice and quick as well. I would only seek a way to edit the list 
for each visitor but it works really well as it is. 73 and Thank you!!

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> New facility to get satellite pass predictions on your cellphone 
> available.
> (if your cellphone can do to Internet)
> Navigate to lu7aa.org.ar with your cellphone or mobile and select your
> closest location.
> You will get local time ordered predictions for popular birds, 
> including
> DUration in minutes and maximum Elevation in degrees.
> List will show next passes from now on and up to a week in advance.
> List obtained will look as:
> * lu7aa.org.ar *
> Sats @ local time
> San Francisco, USA
> MON  4-MAY
> =====  =====  ==  ==
> RS-22  10:05  14  65
> VO-52  10:07  11  18
> NA-17  10:48  15  73
> FO-29  10:49  16  35
> AO-07  11:38  14   8
> ...
> Sats Frequencies
> ARISS PK:145.825 FM
> DU:145.800 FM
> ....
> This list was developed using KB5MU ITpass program and Internet appl. 
> by
> LU7ABF. Data & Keps updated twice daily.
> This free facility is at test, could be handy when you are in travel,
> planning your operation, or just to know which birds are coming.
> Comments/suggestions welcome.
> 73, lu7abf, Pedro Converso
> Lu7abf at amsat.org.ar
> www.amsat.org.ar
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