[amsat-bb] More Yaesu G5500 rotor trouble.

Larry Gerhardstein larryg at amerion.com
Mon May 4 22:31:27 PDT 2009

I have my own set of G5500 rotator woes.  Mine was purchased few months 
ago, and just now getting around to testing on the ground.  I made up 2 
cables with the connectors supplied.

First attempt: UP, LEFT, RIGHT worked, but DOWN switch did nothing. 
After reading the schematic diagram I concluded that DOWN and LEFT 
voltage is on pins 4-to-6 and UP and RIGHT voltage is on pins 5-to-6. 
All 4 rotor control switches generate voltage between those screws on 
the back of the controller.

So I swapped the 2 connectors at the G5500.  Problem moved from DOWN to 
LEFT.  So I concluded there is something wrong with my connector to the 
Elevation rotator.  I've checked voltages at the connector end with 
connector disconnected, checked continuity: all appear ok.

I have unscrewed and replaced the 2 connectors so many times that now 
both cables are displaying the identical problem: UP and RIGHT switches 
work; DOWN and LEFT do not.

Sometimes I can hear the inoperative motor humming, mostly no noise at 
all.  I suspect high resistance or bad connection in the connectors pin 
4, the center pin that carries the DOWN singnal to the Elevation rotator 
and the LEFT signal to the Azimuth rotator.

What should I try next?  Re-solder the whole thing?  Get new cable end 
connectors?  Are there any connectors for this rotator of better quality 
than the ones delivered with it?

73, Larry W7IN, DN27

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