[amsat-bb] Cellphone Pass Predictions

Pedro Converso lu7abf at amsat.org.ar
Mon May 4 11:19:49 PDT 2009

New facility to get satellite pass predictions on your cellphone available.
(if your cellphone can do to Internet)

Navigate to lu7aa.org.ar with your cellphone or mobile and select your
closest location.

You will get local time ordered predictions for popular birds, including
DUration in minutes and maximum Elevation in degrees.

List will show next passes from now on and up to a week in advance.

List obtained will look as:

* lu7aa.org.ar *
Sats @ local time
San Francisco, USA
 MON  4-MAY     
=====  =====  ==  == 
RS-22  10:05  14  65 
VO-52  10:07  11  18 
NA-17  10:48  15  73 
FO-29  10:49  16  35 
AO-07  11:38  14   8 

Sats Frequencies
ARISS PK:145.825 FM 
 DU:145.800 FM 

This list was developed using KB5MU ITpass program and Internet appl. by
LU7ABF. Data & Keps updated twice daily.

This free facility is at test, could be handy when you are in travel,
planning your operation, or just to know which birds are coming.

Comments/suggestions welcome.

73, lu7abf, Pedro Converso
Lu7abf at amsat.org.ar

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