[amsat-bb] G-5500 Rotor trouble

N1HOQ N1HOQ at comcast.net
Sun May 3 10:21:52 PDT 2009

Hello group,
    Well, looks like I have to crack open the case. I swapped the AZ and 
EL cables with the EL rotor, and no luck, same result. Still making the 
click noise when engaging the UP control, the motor(?) still hums away 
(sounds like 60 Hz), but no movement. Last resort now , open it up and 
hope to catch all the bearings, hi. Since it seems Yaesu wont sell the 
capacitor sans motor, are there any know sources, or just look at 
Allied, Mouser etc.?
Thanks for the help -
Shawn N1HOQ.

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