[amsat-bb] Cal Poly's CP6 Satellite Launching May 5th

Jason Anderson jander06 at calpoly.edu
Sat May 2 18:54:23 PDT 2009

Hi Fellow Amateurs,

Cal Poly's next satellite, CP6, is scheduled to launch on May 5th between
20:00 and 23:00 EDT.  We would be more than happy if everyone who is
interested could listen for CP6 as it comes over your locales.  We will be
providing a CPX Data Decoder program which will show you all of your decoded
data as well as forward those packets to us at Cal Poly.  I will be sending
out another email in a few days regarding how to download the program.

Also to note, we will be in the IRC chatroom at 'irc.freenode.org' in the
'cubesat' room before, during, and after the launch.  Thanks!

CP6 Satellite Link Information
Frequency: 437.365MHz
Modulation: FSK (but uses LSB cheat to make AFSK)
Radio Mode: LSB (neccesary for LSB cheat)
Baud Rate: 1200  baud
Beacon rate: 1 beacon every 2 minutes

 - Jason Anderson, KI6GIV
   PolySat, Software Team Lead
   California Polytechnic State University

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