[amsat-bb] Elk Mounting

n8bbq@roadrunner.com n8bbq at roadrunner.com
Sat May 2 04:34:35 PDT 2009

Jerry - NR5A,

Here are some pictures of my Elk setup:


The instructions stressed getting the feedline away from the antenna at a 90 degree angle.
I tuck the end of the plastic pipe under my right arm and hold the closest strut with my right hand.
When held like a pistol grip, the antenna is horizontal. Polarity can usually be corrected by rotating the right wrist 90 degrees one way or the other. The feedline is a 6 foot RG58 BNC to BNC jumper with a BNC to PL259 adapter at the antenna end. A better feedline might be in order but it's what was on the shelf in the shack. The IC-W32A and headset with remote PTT complete the setup. Preliminary testing is good on the FM LEO's.

Have fun.
'73 de N8BBQ

Got my Elk antenna today its too bad I can't find time till maybe tomorrow
eveing to play with it. It looks really super. Any one use it on a tripod??
Trying to figure out ideas on how to mount it.  Holding it in your had with
a lil extra PVC is fairly easy but off hand I don't see a way to do it on a

Jerry - NR5A - South Dakota

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