[amsat-bb] Testimonial for Erich, DK1TB (SatPC32)

Peter Sils kd0aa at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 11 11:46:16 PST 2009

I would like to thank Erich, DK1TB for performing a change to his program to help me accomplish what I needed to do. 
I wanted to run my Yaesu G-5500 with my ST-1 controller (Fox Delta) with just the AZ rotor and not use the EL rotor (antenna's in the attic so can't use EL). The ST-1 would not continue to track AZ unless it received data from the EL rotor. Erich sent me a modified version of SatPC32 that would output the EL data as 0 and thus made the ST-1 function in just AZ.
Erich has supported me with every question and now went way beyond the "call of duty" to modify his program - for me!
I have used other tracking software and have NEVER received support like I have experienced from Erich!
Whats more is that he donates his revenue from SatPC32 to AMSAT! 
He does this all for nothing! 
My hat goes off to Erich for being an outstanding citizen in the AMSAT community!
If you have not looked at SatPC32 I recommend you do:
While I am at it I would also like to thank Dinesh VU2FD - Fox Delta:
for all of his support regarding his ST-1 & 3 that I own. They are a true value and the support is excellent from Dinesh! TNX also to Dinesh!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I received my Christmas present early from Erich!
73 Peter


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