[amsat-bb] Re: AOP-1 Circular Polarization?

Ronald G. Parsons w5rkn at amsat.org
Sun May 18 14:42:02 PDT 2008

Assuming the antennas you reference do produce circular polarization, 
radiation wise, it doesn't matter whether you mount them in an X or + 
orientation. The only difference would be the phase of the radiation, and 
you are not concerned with that. There could also be a difference between 
right- or left-circular polarization, but whether that matters depends on 
the polarization the the satellite's antenna. But X or + does not change 

There might be some mechanical reason for an X or +, such as weather 
proofing, but not signal wise.


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> Subject: [amsat-bb]  AOP-1 Circular Polarization?
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> Hello all, I'm getting ready to put back up my old AOP-1 antennas (the
> old Cushcraft antennas that were popular in the days of AO-10 & 13).
> I'm wondering whether I should follow the same procedure of cross
> polarization for the 440 beam?  It was recommended at the time to
> place the antenna in an X pattern instead of the cross pattern.  Also,
> at the time, the 2 meter antenna was suggested to be placed in the
> standard vertical/horizontal polarization.
> Please let me know which would be the best method to use for most of
> today's birds.
> 73s de W4AS
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