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> THIS WEEK'S HONORARY UNSUBSCRIBE goes to Carl G. Eilers. When he  
> went to
>    work for Zenith Electronics in 1948, Eilers' assignment was to  
> work on
>    "Phonevision", or pay television. "Even then he developed the core
>    concepts that are used today, such as scrambling a signal and you  
> only
>    get an unscrambled signal if you pay for it," a Zenith spokesman  
> said.
>    But Eilers is better known for a couple of other Zenith  
> innovations: he
>    led the team that created the standard for FM stereo, which was  
> adopted
>    by the FCC in 1961 and is still in use today, and Eilers later  
> expanded
>    that work for another medium: TV. Zenith's multichannel television
>    sound, or stereo TV with a "separate audio program" that for  
> instance
>    could carry the soundtrack in other languages, was adopted  
> industry-
>    wide in 1984. Eilers stayed at the company for 50 years before
>    retiring. He died June 20 from an apparent heart attack at 83.

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