[amsat-bb] Best type of coax to use between preamps and antennas

Ronald Nutter rnutter at networkref.com
Mon Jun 30 17:49:00 PDT 2008

After problems I had on Field Day in trying to operate the satellites, I 
am looking to upgrade the coax I use between the preamps and the 
antennas.  I am using 9913FX from the IC-910H and the preamps.  I had 
been using RG Mini 8/U for the connection between the preamps and 
antennas.  Should I also use 9913FX between the preamps and the 
antennas?  The run between the radio and the preamp is 50 ft.  The run 
from the preamp to the antennas is about 10 - 15 ft depending on where I 
set the antennas up.  I am concerned about how flexible the 9913FX would 
be in terms of the antennas rotating back and forth.  I was planning on 
ordering the cables pre-made from CableXperts since working with N 
connectors isnt my strong point and dont want to worry about my 
soldering and having a good connection on both ends of the cable.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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