[amsat-bb] Re: FW: THIS SHOULD PISS YOU OFF...................ITDID ME!!!!

Dave Guimont dguimon1 at san.rr.com
Sun Jun 29 16:27:35 PDT 2008

>I am all for freewheeling discussion, but does this truly belong on
>AMSAT-BB?  Just wondering?

Alan, you are absolutely right!!

Nick and I kissed an made up, privately!!  We are both from 
Minnesota, and probably made our first contact maybe forty years ago, 
and dozens on hamsats..

As I just said to Nick, I could have cut my finger off after pressing 
the "send", and he basically voiced the same sentiments...

My apologies to all...

            73, Dave, WB6LLO
                dguimon1 at san.rr.com

                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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