[amsat-bb] Re: APRS through ISS and FD

Fri Jun 27 04:10:29 PDT 2008

Morning George,

Attached is the text I sent.  If they didn't understand that, I don't know
how to make it any clearer.  I emphasized the distinction twice, as you can
see.  However, the sticking point is with the classification of the ISS, not
how you use it.  Or at least how it appears.  We have at least one person on
the list who is actively involved with these decisions.  I would hope, and
expect, some input on this after FD.  




I received a question from a local FD committee concerning satellite
operations via the ISS.  FD section 7.3.7 mentions the requirements to get
the 100 point bonus being via an "'amateur' radio satellite," while later it
talks about basic QSOs and does not use the phrase "amateur."  Later on in
the FD info packet, we find "A QSO with the ISS does not qualify for the
bonus since it is not an Earth-to-Earth contact," but nothing about QSOs
between two ground stations THROUGH the ISS.

The question is about a QSO through, not with, the ISS using either the
voice repeater, or going through the APRS digipeater, which is currently
active.  This would be a QSO between two ground stations exactly as you
would through AO-51 for voice or GO-32 or NO-44 for APRS packet, which would
count.  The only difference is that the carrier is the ISS, which is not
really an "amateur satellite" even though it carries amateur gear.  I have
asked on the usual packet and satellite forums, with seemingly authoritative
but conflicting answers and no definite sources.

So, does a digital QSO THROUGH the ISS digipeater or voice repeater count
for the 100 FD bonus points?  

TNX es 73s,


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