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Unbelievable...  according to my Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged 
Dictionary of the English Language, the ISS most certainly IS a satellite! 
(the only possible quibble being that it was built in orbit, rather than 
launched into orbit...)

Did the ARRL people understand that you were asking about contacts THRU the 
ISS, and not WITH the ISS?

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> And the definite answer to the question is NO, the ISS is not a satellite,
> so it doesn't get you the bonus.  I recall its status came up before, and 
> is
> a bit anomalous.  I did suggest a slight modification to the Q&A on the FD
> package next year to clarify what is not necessarily an intuitive 
> situation.
> Well, there is GO-32 if you want to do 9600 baud, and there is certainly
> going to be less traffic.
> Alan

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