[amsat-bb] Re: GO-32 query in AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 3, Issue 315

joe cassano aka jmario jmario at fast.net
Tue Jun 24 14:08:06 PDT 2008

I can send APRS packets through GO-32 at will with 5 watts and an Arrow 
antenna on a tripod if the elevation is greater than 30 degrees.  Last 
time I heard anyone else via GO-32 was on June 13 (VA3SU-1 at 13:14Z).

A look at http://mangrove.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi?absolute=1 shows 
the current usage seems to be in Asia and Europe (or perhaps North 
America lacks Igates listening to GO-32).

Joe, K3FMA

>> hello folks, anyone copy or hear go-32 this am pass? 
>> anyone hear me xmit? I use to be able to copy this 
>> sat good. wondering if my station is working 
>> on 9600 baud.  had a good 85 degree pass

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