[amsat-bb] tracking programs

James Cizek jcizek at yuma.acns.colostate.edu
Sun Jun 22 12:47:32 PDT 2008

   Been "off the air" with sats once the demise of AO40 but with
  all the new birds up, thought I'd give it another go. Since hardware
  and software have changed a great deal, thought I'd get some opinions.
  I have a Yaesu FT736r and and Yaesu FT847.  G5400b rotor and a 22 element
  2M cross beam and a larger 440 (not sure how may elements) beam.  All 
   setup on 2.4ghz receive with a converted direct broadcast box i modified
  and recently finished an LVB tracker.  So the big question remains....
   what software?   Kind of narrowed it to either SCRAP or Nova, but
  any suggestions good bad or otherwise?  I used to use WinOrbit before
  but would like to use az/el AND radio tuning with the 847...  Many
   thanks.  -James   KI0KN

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