[amsat-bb] Re: 2008 AMSAT Board of Directors Election!

Dave Guimont dguimon1 at san.rr.com
Wed Jun 18 13:06:58 PDT 2008


I agree with you and Stephan 100%...

Right along with the proposal and launch of AO-51 things changed 
radically....A number of us objected, wanted the money applied to at 
least a LEO with bandwidth, cw/ssb, and at that time got the only 
answer that the purpose of an FM voice bird was to increase membership...

I've since asked how much good that did...and never got an answer.
Why is our membership total a secret?  I suspect it has gone 
down.  What is the state of our finances?  Are we (AMSAT-NA) on the 
verge of collapse??

Will any board member come up with the answer??

I will not donate anything to some "secret society"....

I've been a member of Project Oscar since its existence, my wife, 
Leanore, KA6UCD, was the editor of our "OSCAR LETTER" for many years,
and I became a member of AMSAT-NA from its existence.  I've operated 
every hamsat that has been launched since Oscar 7...I have over a 
dozen AMSAT awards hanging on my wall, and one of the first 2 
operators to attain the W4AMI 5000 verified contacts award (mailed in 
6000 at the time), and have since accumulated thousands of others.

We've attended almost every convention since their inception (NOT the 
last 9 or so)...We did the jewelry contest for 8 years, to interest 
the wives who were not amateurs...

Now when I put AMSAT-NA down as becoming THIRD WORLD I've had some 

Any answers, board????

>as an "silent" observer of AMSAT since year 2000 i always ask myself 
>how the every same candidates can have new and genuine thoughts and
>ideas when they are coming on the board election after election? 
>Could be if they can tell us what where their goals and what they achieved
>in their past mandate some of us can make a bit of sense of this whole affair?
>Here is some questions who can be interesting to see answered
>What is the state of construction of eagle?
>What are the plans regarding the launch?
>Who will be the launcher?
>If money is missing somewhere how much is needed to have a launch?
>If resources are short here in North America Is AMSAT-DL is facing 
>the same issues?
>If there is a world-wide shortage in funding is it not logical to 
>try to regroup all the available funds to at least be able to achieved a
>launch before a new centennial membership class is implemented?
>If one university was looking for projects is AMSAT-NA  is ready to 
>send them a wish list? or do they prefer to remain in the HAM WORLD
>only business waiting for the charming Prince?
>If those who wants to be elected on the board prefer to warmed up 
>their chair instead of answering the above mentioned questions it will be
>a fair and valid reason to remain on the board but it will be nice 
>having them confirming this know fact. In case where our assumptions
>where found not exactly representing the reality,  this pre election 
>period will be a good opportunity to bring correction to our bad
>reality evaluation.
>This always said on a very positive tone.

            73, Dave, WB6LLO
                dguimon1 at san.rr.com

                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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