[amsat-bb] An Observation.

John W Lee k6yk at juno.com
Wed Jun 18 15:15:33 PDT 2008


My first attempts at Oscar 10 were with: 
Transmitter: Heathkit HW-24 FM rig, keying on CW (10 watts), 7 element 
                   vertical polarized yagi, no elevation.
Receiver: Yaesu FT-221R no preamp, 12 element yagi horizontal polarized,
                   no elevation.

Many contacts made.  Subsequent improvements made things better for sure.

John K6YK

On Wed, 18 Jun 2008 18:49:16 +0200 John Hackett
<archie.hackett at hotmail.com> writes:
> An interesting post on the Amsat-BB from KC6UQH - whom stated ... 
> and I tend to agree ... HEO's are generally *EASIER* to work than 
> LEO's.
> That one needs expensive equipment to work an HEO is a myth that is 
> simply *NOT* true. - (try telling GM1SXX it's expensive) - it's his 
> pet niggle.
> Personally, I've  worked the world on HEO's using an FT-290 and an 
> FT-790, both of which are 20 years old and purchased used on Ebay - 
> neither rig has bells and whistles, no automatic doppler tuning and 
> no computer interface. I used an El Cheapo Japanese azimuthal TV 
> rotor, fixed elevation and a maximum EIRP of 25 watts ... yes !!! - 
> E.I.R.P.
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