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Dishes like that or the larger "BUD" (Big Ugly Dishes) that folks USED to use
for TVRO can often be found FREE (for the removal) in many neighborhoods.

I have two "standard sized" BUD's, a 12'+ fiberglass monster (not likely to go
up), and a "mini" ex-dish network one, and actuators for the 3 biggest ones...
net cost for ALL: $50, and that was labor for a helper to take down the
biggest one.

Separately I actually BOUGHT an N3IYR 3' dish a few years back, but it wasn't
terribly expensive. It came with a helix feed.

Granted, it's not always something everyone has laying around but they CAN be
had cheap or free for a little effort. If it were golf, people wouldn't just
find a driver or putter in their yard, growing like a mushroom, either. :-)

The hobby of amateur radio is worth taking some time and effort to invest in.

Kind regards


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> >> A 3 to 4 foot dish with a 2400/144 MHz downconverter in the focal  
> >> point and
> >> connected to any old 144 MHz CW/SSB receiver mounted on the balcony  
> >> was
> >> sufficient to receive a nice downlink from all over the world by  
> >> many users
> Yeah, and most of us, especially new hams, just happen to have a 3 to 4 foot
dish laying around.
> 73s John AA5JG 
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