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> On Jun 18, 2008, at 2:46 AM, i8cvs wrote:
> > Hi Art, KC6UQH
> >
> > You are correct 100% because the HEO AO40 was very easy to work
> > using any old TX capable to run about 50 to 100 watt into 70 cm CW
> > and SSB
> >
> > A 3 to 4 foot dish with a 2400/144 MHz downconverter in the focal
> > point and
> > connected to any old 144 MHz CW/SSB receiver mounted on the balcony
> > was
> > sufficient to receive a nice downlink from all over the world by
> > many users
> > at the same time for many hours every day.
> >
> > No complicated TX/RX radios and special software was necessary to
> > compensate
> > for doppler just made by hand.
> Well, sure, if you want to reduce ham radio to just keying the mic,
> leisurely yapping along for hours at a time, then by all means, let's
> have more satellites in HEO.  But where's the skill in that?
Hi Mark, KF6KYI

The skill is in building about everyting by yourself like low noise
preamplifiers for 2 meters, 70 cm, 13 cm and  high dinamic range
downconverters for the above bands plus an Automatic Noise Figure
Meters to get the best Noise Figure, build transverters from 2 meters up
to the MW, build different type of feed for dishes having hours to test
their efficiency through the HEO satellite in cooperation to many and
many experimenters worldwide and discuss the problems with them
improving your knoledge in radio-technique.

Probably to build about everyting by your self for a satellite for all
like an HEO make you a real experimenter because if you are not
succesfull you cannot send the equipment to the manufacturer but you
are obliged to study your problem by your self looking and reasoning
over your own schematic diagrams.

When OSCAR-10, OSCAR-13 and AO40 where alive and well we all
were assisted in solving our technical problems by some well know teachers
and radio scientists every day on this BB like James Miller G3RUH,
Charles Suckling, G3WDG and Tom Clark W3IWI now K3IO but
unfortunately they actually desappeared from  this BB because they are
not anymore interested to discuss about the technical level and matters
actually seen on this BB.

Read please into the AMSAT-BB archive and compare the importance of both
technical and operating contents of messages at time in wich OSCAR-10
OSCAR-13 and AO40 were operational and I am sure that you will learn
more and more about the purposes of the Satellite Amateur Radio for the
benefit of your own skill.

> Hell, you don't even need to know what Doppler is with these easy HEO
> satellites.  If you want to take the easy way out though...

Every experimenter know what the Doppler is but if you like to make your
life difficult with Doppler for a few minutes QSO having the time to only
say.......Five.......Nine.......class.......class !
and then come into this BB asking for the call letter of the guy you suppose
have made a QSO then it is better to stay with the FM satellites !

> Mark KF6KYI

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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