[amsat-bb] Re: LEO's

Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL vlfiscus at mcn.net
Tue Jun 17 10:28:35 PDT 2008

At 07:32 AM 6/17/2008 -0400, w0dxz at aol.com wrote:
>RE:? Usefullness of LEO's...
>I think there should always be at least one accessable LEO-FM bird... for 
>the very reason that some (WB6LLO) think there should not be. It gets you 
>started with satellites.
>If I had not gone to a hamfest and seen Patrick demo use of the FM birds, 
>I would not now be active on not only FM birds, but? the all mode birds as 
>well. Without the FM birds, the? imtimidation factor would have been too 
>much, I never would have gotten started.
>Every hobby needs an easy entry level possibility... for many it is the 
>LEO's, FM.
>When I bought my first Harley, a Sportster,,, many said oh, a beginners 
>Harley, yeah, maybe, but I would never have? bought a motorcycle? if I had 
>to buy a full dresser as my first bike.? And yes, my first gun was a .410, 
>not a 12 gauge.? And I learned to snorkel before I learned to SCUBA.
>FM LEO's have a purpose, a use. Not everyone can? chase the other birds. 
>Live and let live. That is the fun part of the ham radio hobbyt, there is 
>something for everyone.
>There may be complaints about LEO-FM birds that are justifiable, but? the 
>fact that you can work one with a HT is not one of those arguments.
>Bob W0DXZ DM33

WB6LLO, and other HEO lovers such as myself have nothing against FM LEO's, 
and we are glad that there are hams that can get their jolly's over just 
exchanging grids with each other or by popping off an APRS packet to let 
everyone know that their house hasn't moved.

We wanted an echo and we thought we were going to get one, but the Echo 
they gave us wasn't the echo we wanted.  The echo we wanted was the echo 
you get working through a HEO.

So, How many grids you up to?


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