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Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Tue Jun 17 07:49:21 PDT 2008

On 17 Jun 2008 at 7:32, w0dxz at aol.com wrote:

> RE:? Usefullness of LEO's...
> I think there should always be at least one accessable LEO-FM bird... for the very reason that some (WB6LLO) think there should not be. It gets you started with satellites.
> If I had not gone to a hamfest and seen Patrick demo use of the FM birds, I would not now be active on not only FM birds, but? the all mode birds as well. Without the FM birds, the? imtimidation factor would have been too much, I never would have gotten started. 
> Every hobby needs an easy entry level possibility... for many it is the LEO's, FM. 
> When I bought my first Harley, a Sportster,,, many said oh, a beginners Harley, yeah, maybe, but I would never have? bought a motorcycle? if I had to buy a full dresser as my first bike.? And yes, my first gun was a .410, not a 12 gauge.? And I learned to snorkel before I learned to SCUBA. 
> FM LEO's have a purpose, a use. Not everyone can? chase the other birds. Live and let live. That is the fun part of the ham radio hobbyt, there is something for everyone.
> There may be complaints about LEO-FM birds that are justifiable, but? the fact that you can work one with a HT is not one of those arguments. 
> Bob W0DXZ DM33

A question of unbalance who create a question of Usefullness. When the newbies will be "experts" they will probably look for something 
else? what the satellite community has to offer? Plans, future plans, projection, funding campaign? Then they will also probably ask for 
the "Usefullness" of LEO'S. 

It's like eating peanuts before the lunch too much of it will only lead to a loss of appetite!

LEO                   HEO
AO-51                   0
VO-52 				0
SO-50				0
AO-27				0		
AO-7------>!		0
AO-16				0
FO-29				0
ISS					0
GO-32				0
9                           0

P.S. AO-51 last V/S mode was at least a bit of challenge but with very few users. It was a good time to test new S band antenna's. The 
foliage absorption at those frequencies is also very noticeable i was able to pin point every tree around my QTH making the satellite 
usable only over 14 degrees reducing even more the usable time slot. The most dramatic effect is the fades coming from the satellite spin 
of the polarisation? i don't know but some are reporting receiving more fades that usable signal. Is it mode S suitable for LEO.S i'm not 
sure even if i was able to have a QSO with a mobile station in V/S!!!


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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