[amsat-bb] Re: Spanish cubesat

John Mock KD6PAG kd6pag at amsat.org
Tue Jun 17 07:47:14 PDT 2008

Given that the power budget for a cubesat is unlikely to support a linear
transponder in a meaningful way, an FM transponder would be nice, IF it
includes a decent receiver.  If the uplink is dependable but the signal
weak, i think people will still use it.  It won't be an 'easy sat' and
folks will need a better receiving set up to use it (such as an 'Arrow'
rather than some kind of omni).  It should at least be a good experiment.

My suggestion is to have such a transponder available once the primary
mission of the cubesat is complete.  Thus, like DO-64, there is likely to
be a lot of interest in receiving telemetry given that folks may be able
to use the satellite themselves later.  Like DO-64, having a machine-
independent telemetry decoder makes it possible for lots of people to
participate.  Best of luck to you!

		       -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

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