[amsat-bb] Delfi-C3 / DO-64 status update 16 June 10:00 UTC

Wouter Jan Ubbels wjubbels at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 03:08:41 PDT 2008

Hi all,

another status update of the Delfi-C3 / DO-64 satellite:

1. The spacecraft continues to work fine, we have received over 270000
telemetry frames so far, thanks so much!

2. A magnificent model of the satellite, made by Stefan Wagener VE4NSA
is available on our photo weblog at


3. The spacecraft still experiences the downlink dropout issue, since
this is a non-critical issue, and since we are limited in our
possibilities to do something about it, we have decided to leave it as
it is. If the spacecraft's downlink is off when over our
groundstation, we will command it back on. Our expectation is that
this does not occur when the spacecraft is in transponder mode, so
once we switch it to that mode, it should be fine.

4. The TX distortion issue has turned out to be a separate issue
(contrary to our earlier assumptions, it is not related to the
dropouts), related to the behaviour of the (battery-less) power
system. This is also non-critical, and has shown to solve itself after
the spacecraft has rotated a bit more.

73 on behalf of the Delfi-C3 team,

Wouter Jan Ubbels PE4WJ

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