[amsat-bb] Cute-1.7 + APD II Latest CW format and APD observation

Hiroki Ashida hiroki at lss.mes.titech.ac.jp
Tue Jun 10 06:53:15 PDT 2008

Dear Members,

I'm Hiroki Ashida at Tokyo Tech (JQ1YCZ).
As Mr.Hurst, Mr.Rupprecht and Mr.Henk have reported, our CW telemetry 
was changed. We're currently testing an amateur service function, "a 
digital repeater," so the message "hi hi de jq1ytc digi on" have been 
transmitted. I'm looking forwad to open our amateur service channel to 
you all!

And the APD sensor was turned on in the last pass over Japan and a 
long-term APD observation was started. APD status packet can be received 
all over the world until 12:00, Jun 11 (UTC). Your kind cooperation is 
greatly appreciated. If you received it, please let us know! -> 
cute1.7_receive at lss.mes.titech.ac.jp

FM packets are transmitted on 437.475MHz and packet formats are
available in the following web-page.

For exapmle, according to an above APD status packet we can obtain
informations as;
4A-51-31-59-54-43-3E-4A-51-31-59-43-5A-3A : Header(JQ1YTC>JQ1YCZ)
D0 : APD Packet ID (Fixed)
30 : Status Code
	APD Status : Operational
	HV Status  : Set Value = Output Value
	Temp Correction : Active
	Data Mode  : Counter Valid
	Detector   : APD A
	APD Gain   : Gain 30
	Threshold  : 219mV
77 : Temperature
	0x77 = 119 -> (119/255)*91.712-48.569 = -5.7 [degC]
B8 : High Voltage
	0xB8 = 184 -> (184/255)*396.5 = 286 [V]
03-16-99 : Counter
	0x1699 = 5785 -> 5785 * 23 = 46280

Best Regards,
Hiroki Ashida
Cute-1.7 + APD II
Hiroki Ashida <hiroki at lss.mes.titech.ac.jp>
Laboratory for Space Systems
Department of Mechano-Aerospace Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology
TEL/FAX : +81-3-5734-2644
Room 554, Ishikawadai 1st Bldg, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 O-okayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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