[amsat-bb] Cubesat consideration

Giulio AB2VY amprorg at yahoo.it
Mon Jun 9 05:17:38 PDT 2008

Hello Graham, 
what you say is very beautiful and my support is of 100%,
but what i know and that brought me to give my opinion is based on
what I see in one Italian universitie (not Turin..)
There isn't any guy who transports outside its daily study commitment the passion for radio and amateur radio experiments
If building a cubesat means creating a study and a future I am the
first to agree this, but,  if it is only for occupate 3 hours on a laboratory (as unfortunately
I have seen for other kind of satellite object where i was involved ...) for me.. do not
serve to nothing 
What I write comes from what I see here in Italy during my last experience , in the rest of the world all things are much better!

Long life to any study on space communication

Giulio AB2VY

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