[amsat-bb] BOD Nominations

Dee morsesat at optonline.net
Sun Jun 8 15:40:38 PDT 2008

  BB AMSAT People...
There is a Bulletin out again this week on the ANS with a call for 
nominations to the BOD. (open 'til the 15th)
Now I know opinions are varied and many, however, besides voting for 
those that get nominated,
please consider nominations of someone that you know who will give 
reliable decisions and bring
your considerations to light.  Maybe it is you?  Think of following 
K3IO, W5DID or N4HY. They stepped up
and offered to steer the ship.
A call for nominations is a time for those to "step up" that have a 
sincere interest in the smooth running and
continued envisions of our founding fathers to keep AMSAT as the premier 
"HAM" Satellite
Organization that it is.  A choice opportunity awaits.
NJ AMSAT Co-ordinator
Please, no, not a self advertisement, just trying to get some of you to 
put the channel changer down.
Comments, direct to me.  Formalities to the BB.

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