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> Hi Domenico , you are absolutely right! the main problem is that young
> people involved in projects not even know what is an "hamradio" and what
> is an ham spirit"  (in Italy this is the situation), so  whithout these
> conditions you can't produce something  right for our community
> think only this: the only satellites "ham-useful" have been produced
> outside university programs
> I write this because I personally experienced what it means
> Only AMSAT have the right spirit ( and experience..) to produce useful
> object
> when a university has to create a satellite? turns to us...
> For Italian University satellities is so
> 73 de Giulio AB2VY

Hi Giulio, AB2VY

I agree 100% with what you write with one BIG exception:

The University of Marburg in Germany is the only University working into a
university program with AMSAT-DL and with financial + technical contribution
of AMSAT-NA and AMSAT-UK  that was able to designe produce and make
a reality OSCAR-10 OSCAR-13 and AO40

The same University of Marburg is actually working in a university program
to produce P3-E and P5-A for the benefit of both science and Amateur Radio.

But actually once the other worldwide Universities will have the
ESA/NASA/JAXA-sponsored GENSO project running,  they will probably
even not need our help anymore, but only our  frequencies !!!

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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