[amsat-bb] Re: 70cm antenna SWR problem solved?

WB2LLP wb2llp at optonline.net
Fri Jun 6 07:19:39 PDT 2008


I have not had good luck with Marine Spar Varnish on my WA5VJB cheap yagis. 
Even if you use high quality spar varnish, it is damaged with the constant 
exposure to sunlight.  Signs of damage were apparent after one year and 
almost total loss after the second year.  My antennas were exposed to the NY 
weather which I would think is not as bad as yours with regard to the 

My portable satellite station uses varnish coated WA5VJB antennas, but they 
spend most of their time stored in my garage or otherwise protected from the 
elements.  They are better than 5 years old and still have a nice gloss 

I am trying high quality exterior house paint  this time

73 de WB2LLP   Gene

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