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> Contemplating my Yaesu G-5400 and not so fond of the idea of running 2x
> 6x18AWG cables nearly 200'...(more accurately, paying for them).
> Has anyone ever put the controller at the antenna base and instead ran the
> computer<->controller wires the long distance between the computer
> interface and the control box?  Seems like it would be a lot cheaper, in
> the sense of fewer wires of a smaller gauge, and not so much worry about
> voltage drop etc.  My setup is low to the ground, so the control box would
> be ground-mounted in a weatherproof shelter.  The "digital" run would be
> the 200' or more, and the "analog" or "power" run only 20' or so.  If done
> the traditional way these lengths would be reversed.
> Or is this a stunningly dumb idea for reasons yet-unknown to me?
> Scott Townley NX7U
> Gilbert, AZ  DM43di
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Hi Scott, NX7U

Theoretically it should work but are you sure that your antennas will always
moving in AZ and EL according to your computer program or are you obliged
to go time to time upstairs over the roof just in doubt to verify the
situation ?

When the control box is normally installed in the shack you run wires that
are 24 Vac for the motors and wires that are 0 to 5 V dc for the

If you install the control box over the roof you must run a 200' cable
between the rear 8 pin External Control DIN connector and your PC but  pins
4-2-5-3 are the high impedance wires connected to your PC to switch the
relays RY1-RY2-RY3-RY4 located into the control box.

Only less than 1 mA between each pin 4-2-5-3 and ground is enough  by
your PC to activate each relay so that the above long run wires are more
suscettible to get noise or RF interference or low insulation by the umidity
disturbing the system operation.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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