[amsat-bb] Re: Yubileiny downlink spectrum overlaps AO-51 downlink

G0MRF@aol.com G0MRF at aol.com
Mon Jun 2 12:31:48 PDT 2008

In a message dated 02/06/2008 16:25:21 GMT Standard Time, oz1my at privat.dk  

Hi  all,
Please this is just a technical matter :-)

Here this afternoon  with Yubileiny AOS at 1430 UTC and 
AO-51 with AOS at 1441 UTC in  Copenhagen, the downlink 
spectrum of Yubileiny was strong when listening  to 
the AO-51 frequency.

Hello Ib.
Oh dear, no frequency co-ordination! 
A week or so ago I looked at the transmission from Yubileiny and it was  
almost constant amplitude over a 4800Hz bandwidth slowly reducing beyond  that.
If you allow for the practical width of our IF filters and the fact doppler  
can shift the frequencies by +/- 10kHz, at 435MHz, then Yubileiny and AO-51 
will  encounter each other from time to time. 
Thankfully the orbits are very different so it's a minor (but avoidable)  


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