[amsat-bb] Re: JUBILEE and other frustrations,

Joe Westbrook k7zt at suddenlink.net
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Dude, don't get your knickers in a twist, my post wasn't an indictment of FM 
Repeaters.  I don't use them (ever)and frankly could care less what they 
cost to run.  I am however interested in Satellites that offer just a bit 
more of  a challenge  (HEOs) than operating an airborne version of the 
terrestrial version providing more reward for your efforts.

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> Without getting into the issue too much.  I would remind the project
> managers that their constituency (and contributors or potenitial
> contributors) rely on periodic progress reports on developing
> satellite projects.  This complaint is not new to amsat-bb (we heard
> it for AO-40), so it should not be news to project managers.
> We all realize that the builders and creators are working hard and
> puting in many volunteer hours, but for the greater satellite
> community to keep interested and supporting they need to hear what is
> happening (fairly frequently).  That does take some time and effort
> away from direct project work but is very neccessary for a volunteer
> run organization.
> When looking for news on P3E I can find little on-line that is recent
> (most dates two years old), or is only in german language (which I do
> not read/speak).  Even if things are at a full standstill the
> supporting membership is owed an occassional update.  That may
> generate a few "grousing remarks" from a few but that goes with the task.
> Amsat Journal does attempt this to a degree, but I think the summary
> remarks should be given either on Amsat-bb or ANS which is available
> to all.  Regular news tells the general satellite community that the
> leadership cares about their support.
> It would be good if P3E were to share on Amsat-bb or at least post
> more regular reports to Amsat-DL website.  As an Amsat-NA field op I
> get questions that I am not able to answer...that should not happen
> very often.  Certainly the basic stuff like how are the new satellite
> projects coming and when can we expect them to be launched.
> Since AO-10/13 there has been a long wait for the next full HEO
> sat.  AO-40 did not last long enough and it has been a few years
> since then!  A lot of folks are trying to be patient and need some
> words to help them keep the faith.
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