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I have the following from Moscow (have slightly altered the Babel Fish!!):

"Small automatic spacecraft “Anniversary” 

On May 23, 2008 from the Russian state test spaceport “[Plesetsk]” carrier rocket “Rokot” with the starting block “Breeze- KM” in orbit of artificial earth satellites brought out four automatic spacecraft, three sequential purposeful apparatuses of a series "Kosmos" even one following, small automatic spacecraft “anniversary”. 

According to the information of the control center of the space troops injecting satellite into orbit passed regularly in accordance with the cyclogram of flight [RN] “Rokot”. Separation of automatic spacecraft from [RN] occurred above Europe in the zone of radio visibility from the territory of Russia. 

According to the communications of the services of control with the automatic spacecraft stable command- telemetric communications is established and is supported. 

The average orbit altitude of this group of satellites is 1500 km, the inclination of 82,5 , the period of revolution of 115,98 minutes. 

Satellite “anniversary” is multiprofile experimental automatic spacecraft, it enters into its tasks: 

• the implementation of current affairs program on the history of cosmonautics and the propaganda of its achievements in accordance with the plan of the measures, dedicated to the celebration of the important dates of the history of national and world cosmonautics: - 100- anniversary from the birthday of [S].[P]. Korolev, 150- anniversary from the birthday of [K].[E]. Tsiolkovskiy and 50th anniversary of the launch of first in the world ISZ (artificial earth satellite); 

• solution of educational scientific research and experimental problems, including the guarantee of conditions for using the information of small automatic spacecraft by leading VUZ (Institute of Higher Education) of Russia for training- educational purposes; 

• the flight tests of the base platform of small size automatic spacecraft for the operational scientific research and experimental works and its qualification; 

• finalizing the technology of following removal small KA by carrier rocket “Rokot”; 

• further finalizing of the technology of the use of a navigation aid of the users of space navigation system GLONASS for the space systems, the evaluation of the precision characteristics of trajectory measurements;

• the flying qualification of the promising instruments of solar-oriented attitude and Earth; 

• obtaining the data about the emissions of the Earth in the infrared wavelength range, the analysis of the time-spatial emissions of the day and night Earth's atmosphere in the visible spectral range; 

• the evaluation of the influence of the factors of the outer space on the service lives of electronic devices; 

• the acquaintance of the students of the elder policies of VUZ with the laws of motion KA, the methods of control, analysis of telemetric and trajectory information; 

• the study of processes and finalizing the methods of evaluating the parameters of gravitational and magnetic orientation KA; 

• testing and experiments in the region of amateur satellite radio communication. 

Beginning to the creation of satellite “anniversary” placed the joint resolution of the federal Space Agency, space troops MO RF and central advice ROSTO (DOSAAF (All-Union Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Air Force, and Navy)) about the creation and the starting in the honor of the anniversary of the Space Age of anniversary radio amateur's Earth satellite. 

The creation of automatic spacecraft was charged to the research laboratory of aerospace technology ([NILAKT], at the city of Kaluga). For the coordination of works on the project anniversary KA was created the public commission, into composition of which entered the representatives Of [roskosmosa], space troops, ROSTO, [RVSN], Russian Academy of Sciences, MAI, association of cosmonautics of Russia and union of the veterans of the space troops. After study and examination of several versions of injection into orbit of anniversary satellite was accepted the diagram of its starting [RN] “Rokot” simultaneously with three KA “cosmos”. 

On the request of public commission to the works by the adaptation KA to the carrier and the basic composition of group KA was connected joint stock company “information satellite systems” [im]. of academician [M].[F].[Reshetnev], city of Zheleznogorosk, Krasnoyarskiy Kray. [Reshetnevtsy] were connected also to the works on orientation KA and along its solar batteries. Satellite was created on “public principles”, special financing it was not provided for, development, production, injection into orbit they were executed due to its own means of organizations - the co-executors of project. All works are carried out within the very compressed periods. 

The preparation of satellite “anniversary” for the launching at the spaceport was carried out by the specialists of joint stock company “of ISS” [im]. of academician [M].[F].[Reshetnev] and by specialists [NILAKT]. The starting of the group of satellites is provide ford by the specialists of joint stock company “of ISS” [im]. of academician [M].[F].[Reshetnev], by the specialists of joint stock company [im]. Of [khrunicheva] and by the military specialists of spaceport “[Plesetsk]”. The weight of satellite 44 kg. its construction is hexahedral prism with a height of 800 mm with the face 300 mm. on the lateral and face sides they are placed solar battery cells. 

The basic composition of onboard equipment is placed in the nonhermetic instrument compartment of satellite. The elements of orientation system, transverse rods with the beams, receiving and transmitting antennas, and also sensors of scientific gear are placed on the outer sides of housing KA. Control of satellite is accomplished ground-based by a complex “DOKA- N” into the city of Kaluga. 

Works with the separate scientific instruments conducts the student instrument board, established by specialists [NILAKT] at the Siberian state aerospace university in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The signals of the presence of satellite “anniversary”, sonic communications and video slides it is possible to assume at frequencies 435,215 MHz and 435,315 MHz. Kaluga, 

Papkov, A.P. "

I have changed from the Babel Fish version :  {g} to "city of", POCTO to ROSTO (not INCREASE), and POKOT to ROKOT not "roar".
73 de andy G0SFJ

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