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Sun Jun 1 07:59:52 PDT 2008

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> Taking the topic forward a little.....How about Ultra capacitors as an
> alternative storage medium?
> I haven't checked the following, but if it's incorrect I know I can expect 
> a
> reply from someone on the BB.
> Ultracapacitors are available at e.g. 470 Farads at 2.5V
>If we take 3 in series we have an energy store with useful voltage.


 I had some experience a few years ago with SuperCaps, I was on R&D 
about SOLAS equipments (Safety Of Life At Sea).

 Well, these Caps are extremely unstable. They are the worst kind of 
that I have seen.  Very quick they lost a significant part of capacity and 
they have
also  leak in short time, comparing with the usual electrolytic capacitors.
Another problem is the  corrosion, probably due to very "active" chemical 

 However this idea sounds like a great challenge also to me, but can you 
trust a
satellite on these Caps?
Especially in case which there is not just one - but 3 Caps in series !

I think - the worst scenario with unreliable Caps...!

73, Mak SV1BSX 

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