[amsat-bb] Re: Navy to shoot down satellite

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 14 13:25:01 PST 2008

> Some media reports are comparing the US Navy shoot-
> down to the one that China conducted recently..

Yes, because the media are clueless and don't take the time to
investigate anything about details.

> Do you have any knowledge or thoughts you can share?

Only what was on NASA TV.  The diffeences are enormous.

The chinese satellite debris starting at 800 km will be in orbit
for the next 20 to 100 years during which time all of that
depris will pass through the orbits of thousands of other
satellites as it slowly decays.  These thousands of debris from
the Chinese satellite, passing through the orbits of thousands
of satellites will likely result in a few additional collisions
that will in turn endanger additional satellites below them.

The Navy Shoot down is going to be at about 130 miles, below ALL
other satellites and the ISS and the Shuttle.  The majority of
the debris will burn up within the next 2 orbits (6 hours or
so)..  But just to be sure, they are going to wait till after
the shuttle lands, because the shuttle does have to fly through
that altitude to get home.


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