[amsat-bb] Doppler correction too choppy on HRD?

Mike Ryan mryan301 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 31 09:03:35 PST 2008

I'm using the beta HRD (rev 4.1 build 2055) that offers the new Sat module. This was very handy in the ISS SSTV passes of late but I'm having some difficulties with FM and SSB birds with Doppler. I run a pair of Yaesu FT-857Ds and It corrects very quickly, several times per second, interrupting audio with each correction.  This makes for near impossible copy on the downlink, often causing me to disable correction and follow manually. SATPC32 corrects less frequently and is easier to copy with, but I'd really like to get HRD working right with the integrated logging and all. 

I've been unable to locate any settings to adjust the frequency of correction and I seem to recall the "old" Sat module could do this. Has anyone else encountered and resolved this challenge? I have posted on the HRD forum with no responses.

BTW, thanks to all for posting the manual process for following Doppler. Being new to SSB sats, this is very handy to have. I was wondering why I would hear a quick whistle noise as folks locked in!



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