[amsat-bb] ISS Repeater

n1jez@burlingtontelecom.net n1jez at burlingtontelecom.net
Wed Dec 31 04:01:22 PST 2008

Got on the ISS Repeater this morning during the 1127 UTC pass here in 
Vermont FN34im. No one else heard.

I took the opportunity to play with doppler/power/antenna 
alignment/modulation etc.

As suspected, everything needs to be pretty much right on for good access. 
By paying close attention to AZ/El and Doppler, I was able to hold the 
repeater down to less than 5 degree El. Even at my power level, 2-3 kHz 
seemed to be the maximum error on doppler. Power here was set at ~ 5 kW 
EIRP. I did drop 10 dB and still got in as the ISS passed overhead. (33 
degrees El).

Unfortunately that was the last pass I can get on...

Did I read there was the possibility of 2.4 GHz operation? I have a 
transverter and 60 watts that I can use. That would be fun!!

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT 29649
"A closed mouth gathers no feet" 

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