[amsat-bb] Re: I: ISS L / v Repeater 08.27utc UK / Europe Pass

David Barber david.barber at dbelectronics.co.uk
Wed Dec 31 02:05:05 PST 2008

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the info, I have replied to you and Fer direct and included the
audio file.

I believe you two are the first stations in Europe to make a QSO via the L/v

I only have 10w (Icom 910HX)to a temporary 19 element 23cm beam mounted on a
tripod on my patio which limits my view of the ISS to passes above 45dg and
between 70 to 180dg az.  I have found that I can only access the repeater
when it is within a 400 to 500Km range.

A rough calculation gives my ERP as a maximum of 170w, not enough I think to
make a reliable contact.  Still, at least I have recordings of my own

Just wanted to clarify that to avoid misleading anyone as you'd referred to
my "QSO".

Best wishes


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Hi David, G8OQW

Thank you it was fun !!
For me is the first time that I'm able to success
ISS repeater L/V. !!!!
I had a nice qso with my friend Ferruccio IW1DTU (Thank's Fer !!)

My set-up
Tx FT 736R + PA output 40 watts FM-Narrow
Feed coaxial line 35 mt. of 50/20
Antennas 2x35 elements linear polarization
manual doppler compensation (it was moving very fast hi.. !!)

Rx TS 790E (I used it to read the right frequency for Doppler
Correction with SatPc32 and to set FT 736R TX)
Antenna 2x11 elements cross yagi rhcp with SP-2000 preamp.
The signal was very strong 9+++ !!!

Congratulations David also for your qso and all orbit
access to ISS repeater, I hope to hear you.
Thank you to ARISS TEAM for this nice experience !

Happy New Year 2009 to EveryBody !!


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