[amsat-bb] Re: LOTW and Logging Info

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Tue Dec 30 10:07:28 PST 2008

KK0SD said:

> If anyone is interested it is possible (fairly easy in hind sight) to make
> AC Log from N3FJP properly report OSCAR contacts in LOTW automatically.

I'm currently using ACLog with eQSL, and only needed to change two of the
"Other" fields, to do what I wanted. The ADIF export 'does the right thing'.
The eQSL 'one-shot' method does not pick up these two "Other" fields.
I changed "Other" to "Prop_Mode" and "Other2" to "QSO_Comment"...
In the Prop_Mode field I indicate "SAT",
and manually indicate which satellite and additional comment in the other.
I have not done LOTW, but if it wants ADIF, ACLog should work as above.

> If you have worked me as kk0sd or ks5z via satellite those contacts should
> be in LOTW except for contacts made from my home of the last 2 years.  They
> will go in next.  After that I will go after my ka0yos logs.

I would not have recognized you as KK0SD, but I do remember you as KA0YOS !!
We worked a time or two on RS10/11 when I was in Tennessee. I have your card...
   Did I ever send you one ?      73 for now   /;^)
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