[amsat-bb] help with 817 and satpc32

Tim Goodrich tim at timgoodrich.net
Mon Dec 29 19:51:29 PST 2008

Hi all,

I just finally upgraded to general over the weekend, so I went out and got a
Yeasu 817. However, I'm having problems with using it for Doppler tracking
in SatPC32. Here's what it's doing.


When I turn the control on, the radio will track the frequencies that are
showing in SatPC32 for both the uplink and the downlink. It switches between
the uplink and downlink frequencies quite often- about once per second. The
radio will also switch to the correct mode (FM, etc). However, when I hit
PTT, it transmits on the previously stored VFOb frequency. 


So, for example....


1) I tune vfoa to 50.1Mhz, AM and vfob to 50.5Mhz, AM

2) I turn CAT control on from SatPC32

3) The radio starts switching between the vhf downlink frequency in USB and
the uhf uplink frequency in USB about once per second to correct for Doppler

4) When I press transmit, it transmits at 50.1Mhz, but in LSB


Obviously, it should be flipping between the VFOs (instead of 2 freq's in
one VFO).


So it seems like its flipping frequencies in one VFO and then trying to
transmit in another VFO, where it changes the mode for transmit, but not the
frequency that was originally stored. 


Any help please?




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