[amsat-bb] Eavesdropping on AO-51 tonight

K8KFJ@aol.com K8KFJ at aol.com
Mon Dec 29 16:53:16 PST 2008

/1/  K4DLG
/2/  W4AS
/3/  XE1KW
/4/  KD4MZM
/5/  N1ABA/M   NH
/6/  KB3RRU     FN20ee
/7/  KB1PVH/M  FN42
/8/  W2VV/HT   FN30
/9/   KB9BIT    EN61
/10/ KU8L       EN82
/11/ W5KUV      EM55
/12/ VE3DRT
/13/ N0FJP
Nice turnout.  I see it's still a very  popular bird.
Great to hear the mobiles and Handheld  station.
FT-470 + Arrow
73, Gary -K8KFJ-
AMSAT #32,574
SAT VUCC #125 
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