[amsat-bb] Re: Building an EggBeater

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Sun Dec 28 09:45:41 PST 2008

PE0SAT said :
> Does anybody have a good article from building an Eggbeater
> for 144 and 435 MHz?

I have built several of these in the past (Eggbeater II by K5OE),
and currently have two in the attic - one each for 145 and 435.
They serve me well, both for satellites and horizontal-omni for VHF contest.
I have no outside antennae currently, but the 144 version I built for my Dad
6 years ago is still intact atop his 50 ft tower. I will probably paint
the PVC on the next ones I build for outdoor service.

The original website is gone, but I recently found a mirror site :
  http://www.observations.biz/K5OE/    look for Eggbeater link.
Construction is simple, the given dimensions worked well for me.
Hopefully you have or can locate some RG-62 (93 Ohm) for phasing loops.
Build the 70cm version first, as the smaller elements are easier to handle.
The experience will help in construction of the 2m version.

I currently have no other antennae for comparison, but these are an
improvement over simple verticals. I appreciate the fact that they provide
horizontal polarization at the horizon - as I also enjoy the VHF contests.
Receive preamps are nice if you have them. (no need for a rotator either)
On satellite, I use a Yaesu FT-736R (25~30 watts), about 60 feet of good
air-dialectric coax for each, and these two Eggbeaters.
I typically only operate on VO-52 as I prefer linear modes...

I have been away from the birds for several years,
but I am now returning - thanks to these antennae...
Good luck, enjoy - and let us know how you progress.

   Thanks  /;^)
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