[amsat-bb] ISS repeater V/U and EVA timeline comment

andy thomas andythomasmail at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 28 04:02:16 PST 2008

Having not had hide nor hair of the ISS over the holiday, /p in Cornwall - making do with the Mighty KBC on Shortwave, hi - was very pleased to hear her again on the V/U repeater at 1018utc today, very low elevation over the Atlantic.

2E0EUB very strong initially, called him but incompletely relayed (which is all I could manage), then him in IO92BX working David G8OQW, and then  when overhead spain EA1ESA called and EA1BYC working him.

Would be great if it were left on this combination just a day or so more?

BTW I was interested to see that on the Timeline for 22/23 December the crew switched comms into a standard mode for EVAs: 

"2050/2100: FE-1:  Pre-EVA comms config reconfiguring C&W indication from [Cyrillic PSS] (Caution & Warning panel) to [Cyrillic POV] (EVA support panel)"

and switched back at 07:40/55

- this must mean that 143.625 acts as a rebroadcast channel during EVAs. Good to know (unless just with Russian suits).

73 de andy G0SFJ


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